A collection of links on the Parker/Hulme case. Sometimes it overlaps a bit with the movie 'Heavenly Creatures' but you'll get that...
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More on the Parker/Hulme case
The Fourth World
The original, since the beginning of time, thanks Adam! Soooo much information. All you ever wanted to know about HC & the Parker/Hulme case.
Christchurch City Libraries: Parker – Hulme Murder Case
Original info straight from the fifties, brought to you by the Christchurch Library.
Wiki page on the Parker/Hulme case.
An exploration of the infamous N.Z. murder.
Fourth-world livejournal
Blog-like, interactive site.
The Parker–Hulme murder case
Reddit for the Parker/Hulme case.

Video & podcasts on the Parker/Hulme case
king ART's youtube channel
'Parker-Hulme murder case' playlist.
The Parker-Hulme Murder Case
Criminal Broads podcast.
Mrs Parker
Podcast. Documentary-maker Ruth Beran travelled back to the crime scene with author Peter Graham, to discover what echoes of this case remain in the buildings, landscape, and people of Christchurch. A production by Radio New Zealand.

More on Hilary Nathan
Pauline Parker art
A Flickr gallery of the large mural found in Hilary Nathan's house in Hoo. Be sure to check it out.

More on Anne Perry
Official website of Anne Perry, author of victorian detective novels.

More on Christchurch
Anthony Larme - Heavenly Christchurch
A pictorial tour of Heavenly Creatures film locations situated in and near Christchurch, New Zealand. A must-see! Pictures are from the year 2000, well before the earthquake of 2011.
Wiki page on the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

More on other locations
Ilam Homestead
Ilam Homestead: the perfect venue for your function.
The Hill of Hope – Cashmere Sanatorium
About the Cashmere Sanatorium.