A collection of links on the movie 'Heavenly Creatures'. Sometimes it overlaps a bit with the Parker/Hulme case but you'll get that...
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Heavenly links
The Fourth World
The original, since the beginning of time, thanks Adam! Soooo much information. All you ever wanted to know about HC & the Parker/Hulme case
IMDB listing for 'Heavenly Creatures'
International Movie Database page on HC
king ART's youtube channel
'Heavenly Creatures' playlist.
Soundtrack 'Heavenly Creatures'
Soundtrack 'Heavenly Creatures' playlist on Youtube.
Soundtrack 'Heavenly Creatures' (incomplete)
Partial soundtrack 'Heavenly Creatures' playlist on Spotify.

Review links
Los Angeles Times
‘Heavenly Creatures’ a Devilish Delight (1994)
David Buckingham
modern, comprehensive review with pictures.
Lost in Borovnia (1994)
Robs Movie Vault
to-the-point review (1995)
cranes are flying
HC review with a lot of pictures (2018)
heavenly-creatures-25-years-after-release (2019)
Stomp Tokyo review
Our rating: four LAVA® motion lamps (1998)